Hot tubs / Market day & Flamingo Paperie!


I am the proud (is that the right word?) hirer of a hot tub. Josh, my 21 year old son has 2 slipped discs and is waiting for surgery and the wait is glacial…but he went to a 21st party with a hot tub in situ and discovered two things. 1. When you stay in a hot tub for 4 hours you do become a shrivelled prune but 2. It relieves a painful back better than any painkillers he has tried.

So, we have hired one for a week and my grandchildren aged 5 and 3 arrive on Monday for a couple of weeks, they are thrilled😊 and Umar came home tonight and announced it was ‘cool’. We have become cool – who knew!!

Next thing as far as I am concerned is deep consideration of which tastes better in a hot tub – gin


, wine


or full on Kardashians, champagne! (As an aside that cute Champagne card is a fab little birthday card, on the front it says ‘Bottled’ and then there is a space for you to pop in the date of birth of the recipient)


Sunday is Market Day if you are anywhere near Heaton Moor, I feel like I have it sort of organised now – one way systems, hand sanitisers etc. It worked well last time, but the nicest part was how lovely all our customers were and how appreciative of all the hard work we and the traders had done. When we watch the news it seems everyone is angry and scared, but that wasn’t what we found. FP6087

We’ll be there again this Sunday 10.30-2.30pm and the link of the traders coming is here

Lastly, you have until midnight tomorrow to take advantage of the Customer Club offer. Free delivery & 5 free cards worth £10 on all orders over £30. Very nice! To join the Customer Club, on your phone click on the 3 black lines in the top corner and ‘Customer Club’ will comedown on the drop menu and if you are on your laptop it will be on the front page to click on. Fill in the form, my trader number is 4439, come out of the site to give it time to register your details, then go back in and place your order😊 Being in the Customer Club is free and just means you will receive advance notice of new catalogues coming out, special offers and the like – they don’t bombard you😊

Keep well, its all rather uncertain at the moment, isn’t it?


FB: Heather Thorpe Independent Flamingo Paperie Partner 


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